We’re still friends

La canzoni più belle secondo me sono quelle drammatiche e malinconiche. Questa è una delle canzoni che preferisco. E’ la storia di una coppia una volta innamorata, ora la soluzione inevitabile è la rottura. Tra di loro inizia una conversazione molto tenera e struggente. Questa canzone è stata anche ripresa da Amy Winehouse che non ha mai fatto mistero di ispirarsi alla musica di Donny Hathaway pioniere della musica soul, modello anche per molti artisti americani attuali. La musica non va spiegata, và solo ascoltata e questa canzone la dovete ascoltare senza altri rumori intorno. Ne vale la pena!

Hello friend, how has it been
Ain’t it wonderful, you’ve got a friend
Though we’ve changed in our endeavours
I found we still some things in common
Ain’t it strange but wonderful
That we…we’re still…friendsThrough our hearts, we’ve never parted
But through our living
We’re friends, through friendship all
And the way we are when we’re together
Let’s us know that we still, love one another
Ain’t that strange, but wonderful
That we…we’re still friends, yeah

It ain’t strange but wonderful
That we…we’re still friends

Hello friend
How has it been
Ain’t it wonderful
You you got a friend yeah
You got a friend, yeah…

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4 risposte a We’re still friends

  1. Vicki ha detto:

    Still friends but the yearning for more is there – nostalgia for what used to be. Knowing it would never work but wishing so much that it could. I am sure this strikes a chord in most people that hear this song. Plus it’s Donny Hathaway!! That man knew how to sing. How to tell a story and make the listener FEEL every word.

    Mi piace

    • Paola ha detto:

      I agree with you with no doubt. I discovered that Stevie Wonder was in love with Donny and also the contemporary R&B singer are inspired by him. With no doubt he really can sing, with the technique, the soul and so on, he was so talented and blessed. I am a singer even I’am italian, my first singing teacher was Maurice White (Eart Wind & Fire) the second Stevie Wonder and third Donny regarding the man, for the woman I have Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone influences. With no doubt the music hystory of your country is rich of very talented people. I think you are really, really lucky to be american. I discovered today a very good singer, her name is La’ Porsha renae, probably you know her for American Idol show. So, this young lady is so talented, and when I listened to her for the first time I said to me: wow..She can sing in that some way like Donny and all the bless people like him. Dommy wasn’t able to understand his big talent and suffer a lot inside him. It’s a pity.

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      • Vicki ha detto:

        I am just now seeing this Paola – I caught the end of American Idol and it was the first time I had heard of La’Porsha. Hearing her sing was inspirational and I cannot understand how she did not win!
        America does have a rich tapestry of music much of it influenced by jazz, which is something that we can actually claim as our own! All other music in our history is built upon that. From jazz came the blues, and then rock and roll. And all those great names you mention are truly the backbone of American music. We are indeed blessed!

        Mi piace

      • Paola ha detto:

        Blessed of God’s mercy, not like here in Italy. I had the opportunity to listen to musician guest of the White House for the International Jazz day, Michelle Obama hosts the evening (crazy for me, here in Italy is impossible a thing like that), I have to say that Your political man an woman have an attention on arts, music and so on. The are really clever to understand that arts is necessary to a country. Not like here in our country where we have an importat classical background but not considered from our politician. It’s a mass, believe me. They have the power to demotivate all the people wants to do something. You are really blessed to live in USA, believe me.

        Mi piace


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